Full Cloud Resource Attribution Leads to 35% Cost Optimization for an E-commerce AWS Serverless Architecture

Tagging Compliance, Cost Visualization, Scheduling Policies, and More

A B2B SaaS Startup Consumed with Skyrocketing Cloud Costs

Our client was a mid to large-size organization running their E-commerce application based on AWS Serverless Architecture. Their cloud infrastructure had been growing rapidly, leading to increasing cloud costs. Therefore, they sought a solution to optimize their AWS cost while ensuring that their infrastructure was fully scalable, elastic, and highly available

Xgrid’s objective was to optimize the cost of infrastructure while maintaining the necessary properties of the infrastructure, such as scalability, elasticity, and high availability. Our team achieved optimization by implementing tagging policies, continuous monitoring of tagging compliance, creating cost visualization, identifying cost leakage, application contextualization, helping them identify right sizing, idle resources, getting the right reserved resources & discounts, and implementing scheduling policies based on the team's activity.

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35% increase in cost optimization

Capacity fine-tuning

Fully tagged cloud resources

Revamping AWS Cost Strategy with Fully Tagged Cloud Resources & Cost Visualization

We implemented a tagging policy to attribute costs based on projects, environment, team, and organization division. Continuous monitoring of tagging compliance was achieved, and stakeholders were flagged with idle resources using cloud custodian. Cost visualization was created using AWS Cost Explorer analysis and reporting. We identified the cost leakage due to idle and over-provisioned resources and implemented scheduling policies using cloud custodian based on the team's activity.

Xgrid’s approach resulted in better cost visualization and control. The client achieved up to 35% cost optimization without unplugging anything. Capacity fine-tuning was made possible, and the cloud resources were fully tagged. We also integrated continuous identification of key cost control areas, and event-based corrective measures for infrastructure. With our help, our client achieved better monitoring, better capacity planning, and fully tagged cloud resources. Our approach was successful in providing recommendations based on the report.

Did You Know?

Our client achieved significant cost optimization while maintaining the necessary properties of the infrastructure by implementing policy compliance and event-based automated infrastructure capacity and scaling. Xgrid’s approach helped in better cost visualization and control, better monitoring, and capacity planning. We achieved fully tagged cloud resources and continuously identified key cost control areas. Our approach can be replicated by other mid to large-size organizations running their IT businesses based on cloud native or cloud agnostic Serverless Architectures.